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Zetalytics serves the enterprise, government, law enforcement, and security industries. Zetalytics’ focus is on the critical layer of network security. We offer unrivalled geo-diversity and exclusive global network visibility. This enables Zetalytics to make paramount threat intel discoveries. Zetalytics Security Feeds integrate easily into existing network protection hardware such as firewalls and SEIM, pushing extra protection near real time. Forensics, incident response and threat intel teams will benefit from the massive historical search API as well as the use of Zetalytics data tools. Advanced trainings are conveniently located between New York and Boston.
You guys definitely have IOCs/malicious resources that others do not have :)
D.B. (Sr Threat Analyst)
Flat out impressive.
Kevin K. (CEO)
I remember you - your [darkweb] presentation at [REDACTED] last year was riveting.
Steve J, (Sr Systems Engineer)
Great tools and training offered by Zetalytics.
You should be charging us more! (D8s service user)
Matt Jonkman, Emerging Threats
ZoneCruncher has been an extremely valuable tool in our anti-spam investigations, allowing us to proactively scan for and block related malicious resources before they even enter our network. Our team is able to more efficiently - and effectively - do their jobs.
RSG Labs
I frequently credit you as the creator of "NS reputation" analysis. (read more)
David Dagon, post-doc research scientist at Georgia Tech
Thanks again for the awesome webex!!
Matt (a different Matt)
Actually thanks to Zone Cruncher and the insight it has already given I have found multiple security issues.
ZoneCruncher User, August 2017

What will our Security Feed help you find lurking in your network?

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Security Feed Network protection indicators your other feeds don't have, minuscule false positive rate backed by SLA, clearly tagged.


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Specialized Training Increase skills, develop security think, build fu with tools


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Unique Analysis Tools Mal4s, ZoneCruncher, Maltego Transforms, Malware DNS Activity Explorer


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Historical Search API or GUI, search by email, domain, name server, CIDR, malware hash, more



Our Focus: data and tools you won't find anywhere else
  • We find significant malicious domains and IPs before criminals use them
  • Strengthen your network protection using your existing equipment + our data
  • Protect your network with Zetalytics malicious host data
We aim to help you protect your network against malicious DNS-based infrastructure from the first use of a nefarious domain in the wild, minimize false positives, and increase your team's skills with investigative tools and specialized knowledge.

Hunt Malicious Domains, Pivot on IPs, Nameservers, Email addresses, MD5 Hashes

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Service Offering Free trials & budget coordination

Read article on Hostname Age

Zetalytics Community
  • Put your own network data to work
  • Collaborate with like-minded teams
  • Discus thresholds and techniques

Z-curity for Domains

Monitor & Protect
  • Unauthorized Subdomains
  • Rogue DNS Changes
  • Spoofing, Forging, Hijacking
  • Immediate High Priority Notifications
  • Reliable Periodic Reports

Pricing: Data for Human Analysts Special requests welcomed

ZoneCruncher Basic

$300/month per user
  • Queries per day: 1000
  • Results per query: 300
  • DNS:live, historical
  • Whois, registrars, domain age
  • Hundreds of billions of records

ZoneCruncher Silver

$400/month per user
  • Extends all basic features, plus:
  • CSV export
  • Historical records access > 1 year
  • Includes data on ccTLDs
  • Authoritative: glue history, TLD zones
  • Malware: DNS activity, hashes

Pricing: API / Automated Access Detailed Pricelist Download

Malicious Domains Feed

$2000 to $20k/month
  • Priced by frequency & delivery method
  • Reliable, fixed criteria
  • Malware/phishing/spam
  • Fraud/ransomware/scareware
  • Over 1.5 million malicious domains/year


Query per Second Pricing
  • PublicSuffix: base domain - No Charge
  • FastFlux: Mannheim score - No Charge
  • D8s: registrar, creation date, more - $10/mo
  • IsNu: domain <24 hrs old - $10/mo
  • RPZone: domain reputation - $5/mo

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